Welcome to Fenture

We’re not your average woodworking company. We go big and we go fast. We work through the night to get the job done. We keep our wit as sharp as our tools. We make bets, take risks and always deliver.

Most of all, we drink beers and build fine lookin’ furniture. And we bloody love it.

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Local, exotic, or anything we can put our hands on. We flex our skills turning out gorgeous pieces of furniture, tableware and accessories from the highest quality materials we can find.

All of our showcase pieces are either one-off or extremely limited, and demonstrate the technical skill and creativity we throw into every single project.

American Walnut TV Stand _SQ
Burnt Oak and Brass Bookcase 2
Black American Walnut Tray _SQ

Fitted Furniture & Joinery

Perfect angles and sexy curves – it’s all we think about. Whatever space you want to improve, we’ll make it functional, creative and beautiful. With decades of experience, we can make hardwood and softwood slot together in ways that would make your mother blush.

Design Service

We’d hate to say we’re visionary, but we are. One look at a new space and we create woodworking masterpieces in our heads before we’ve even whipped out the measuring tape. 

Thankfully, we offer a fully to-scale design service for our bespoke furniture and full refits, so you can share in our genius rather than worry how it will all turn out.


You’ve heard of our clients. Even the ones we can’t talk about.

They all wanted the same thing – the best.

When we’re decking out restaurants, refitting high street stores, or remodelling executive lounges, we don’t take shortcuts, waste time or cause disruption. We create spaces people love to be inside.


Got a project in mind? Get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to talk through your exact requirements.
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